ECHO can make a difference for you

People around the world use ECHO to break down silos, collaborate on solutions, and upskill workers.

The panel and participants learn and share together through live, facilitated discussions. Our inclusive and interactive approach informs every ECHO network and session.

ECHO is an interactive conversational community of practice, linking like-minded learners.

Organisations in Australia are already using it successfully to build virtual communities of practice.

Watch our video to find out more about ECHO.

  • Join an ECHO

    Taking part in an ECHO network is always free. All you need is a device with an internet connection, webcam, and Zoom.

  • Get the most out of ECHO

    To ECHO is to learn, share, engage and connect. Taking part is free.

  • Start an ECHO

    Join the global ECHO community by becoming an ECHO hub.

  • Our ECHO impact

    There are ECHO networks available in Australia and internationally.

ECHO in practice

Core principles

ECHO includes the core principles of:

  • all teach, all learn
  • amplification of scarce resources using technology
  • sharing best-practices
  • case-based learning
  • monitoring outcomes.

Read more about how your organisation can partner with us and create a hub or what ECHOs you can join.

Last updated: February 2024