What is Project ECHO?

Project ECHO is a virtual knowledge-sharing model that expands the capacity of any professional.
It's about connection and partnerships that bridge gaps to bring change.

ECHO sessions feature short, best-practice presentations, case-based discussions around real participant experiences, and an opportunity for professionals to connect and collaborate in a free and convenient format.

Every ECHO network includes a facilitator, panel members who provide support and mentoring, and participants who share their knowledge and experiences. ECHO networks feature an "All teach, all learn" approach in which panel members and participants alike are able to share their collective knowledge and experiences to develop greater professional capacity.

You can join any of our active ECHO networks here.

What to expect from an ECHO session

The graphic below outlines the standard structure of an ECHO network session, and what to typically expect as a participant.

A graphic detailing the components of a typical ECHO session

ECHO Communities of Practice at CHQ

An infographic outlining the benefits of Project ECHO at Children's Health Queensland, and how it connects subject matter experts, participants and patients.

Flexibility and innovation in application of the ECHO model

Project ECHO functions as a structured model, but lends itself to innovation and flexibility.

Watch our video below to find out more, or read the transcript here.

Last updated: December 2023