Participant experience in ECHO network sessions


I think the greatest benefit of Echo is the multi-agency approach, the multi-disciplinary approach.

So there's a really broad skill set and a really broad knowledge base and it's across the the country. So it's not just tied or attached to a geographical area.

I come from a disability background, so I get to learn about what's happening in the education sector, the health sector, the child safety sector... so it's great to get that grounding in all those different areas, therefore can provide a more holistic service to my participants. And it just feels really nice to be able to talk to a family about an educational program that they can tap into that can make a difference to their son or daughter.

That's the sort of thing that this program gifts us as practitioners. All these resources that we never knew existed are out there. All we need to do is explore and probably ask a few questions, and the generosity of the other participants is so good that we've provided so many great suggestions.

So to be able to learn all of this from a single online platform once a fortnight, this is brilliant. Because of its broadness, there's a lot of stuff that I just didn't know about, that i'm learning through this process.

So in my quest to continually improve my services, this is one of the best platforms I've ever encountered in over 30 years of working in the sector.

Last updated: November 2021