ECHO Replication Partner form

ECHO Replication Partner form

If the ECHO model sounds like it could work for you, use this form to determine your readiness to become an ECHO partner.

If you have any questions about completing this form email us at

Before registering, make sure you’ve explored what's possible using the ECHO model to see if it can work for you. Find out more about information sessions held by the ECHO Institute.

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Do you understand the complexities relating to your end-user needs? *
Do you understand the barriers and facilitators that limit or allow your end-user’s ability to participate in ECHO sessions (time, reason etc.)? *
Is there an identified gap in access or knowledge in your organisation? *
Do you understand the complexities of implementing and sustaining the ECHO model and is it achievable in your organisation? *
Does your organisation model the same values as ECHO (e.g. democratisation of knowledge, bi-directional knowledge exchange)? *
How well linked is your organisation with stakeholders, and are you able to use these relationships to support ECHO implementation? *
Does your organisation have the size, reputation, and structure (i.e. recognition as experts) to act as opinion leaders and deliver the information? *
Are you financially able to take part in Immersion training without external funding? *

Last updated: November 2021